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Welcome to Dreadmire Swamp!
The wiki about the Dungeons & Dragons world of Dreadmire, that anyone can edit using guidelines of the Open Game License.
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Dreadmire is a lengthy, detailed guidebook to a large swamp setting. The book includes chapters with background material not only for the giant swamp, but surrounding mountains, deserts, plains, hills, marshes, lakes, oceans, and mud flats -- including detailed encounter tables, spells, character classes and magic items indigenous to each area. The author used this phrase to describe the book:

"Think of Dreadmire as the Atchafalaya Swamp meets Lord of the Rings, with Cajun halflings, undead mosquitoes, weregators, giant cockroaches, fungus demons, man-eating plants, slime dragons, cannibal elves, sunken ruins, mud dwarves, dark water, and evil trees thrown into the mix."

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