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Dreadmire is a lengthy, detailed guidebook to a large swamp setting. The book includes chapters with background material not only for the giant swamp, but surrounding mountains, deserts, plains, hills, marshes, lakes, oceans, and mud flats -- including detailed encounter tables, spells, character classes and magic items indigenous to each area. The author used this phrase to describe the book:

"Think of Dreadmire as the Atchafalaya Swamp meets Lord of the Rings, with Cajun halflings, undead mosquitoes, weregators, giant cockroaches, fungus demons, man-eating plants, slime dragons, cannibal elves, sunken ruins, mud dwarves, dark water, and evil trees thrown into the mix."

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Featured Article: Girthworm

The massive Girthworm is a harmless, fat annelid. Although Girthworms are completely blind and deaf, they can be used as swamp steeds for safe travel over hazardous swamp terrain. Girthworms are used by the Mud Dwarves both as steeds and pets, although no one else in the swamp sees the benefit of worm travel.

Featured Image: Bile Golem

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