This solid opal +3 warhammer is a one-handed maul with a large, heavy head that causes 1d8+3 damage (critical 19-20/x3) to all targets it strikes. This minor artifact was created by the wizard-paladin Gramercy. Gramercy keyed the witch hammer to destroy any type of hag, including nighthags and other variants. If the hammer strikes a hag, the target must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 23) or die instantly (a death ward spell protects a targeted hag from the hammer). It does not affect spellcasting classes or prestige classes considered "witches" — only hags and their kin. Despite its origins, the Witch Hammer is neither aligned nor intelligent.

Tichiba uncovered the location of the witch hammer, but during an expedition to retrieve it she was destroyed by the Somesuch, which now uses the hammer to power its evil life force.