The chaotic good Weregators seldom reveal themselves, preferring instead to work from the shadows or unobtrusively in humanoid form. They are otherwise dispersed through the swamp and of little consequence to muka, as their nature is insular. Weregators are friendly to Muckrangers, heath rangers and Quag Druids, whereas Dravages and tyrannarats are killed upon detection. Arseneaux Hammertow, who appears in The Great Bayou Halfling Boat Race adventure, is a Weregator.

The second largest werecreature population of the swamp is that of the wererats, generally part of the Creep groups. A new breed of wererat has been created by Dark Pollen corruption, the Tyrannarats as the Bayou Halflings call them. They are typical specimens in human and hybrid forms, but their rat form is a terrible prehistoric dire rat. These hideous creatures have increased their rat form size to Large, have HD 6d8, and possess glowing red eyes.

The third largest werecreature population in the swamp is the werebear population. These black bear shapechangers are lords of the heaths and hunt for their food in the marshes.

There is a spattering of werecreatures throughout Dreadmire of all types, including a small group of half-orc wereboar Bayou Punters. There are no known werewolves, but there have been isolated reports of a werefrog, weresnake, werespider, weresquirrel, and weremosquito (all giant/monstrous animal types), but so far none have been substantiated.

The Arable Republic is known to have a population of shire werehorses in Millford Haven, and the Thalass Emirate has secretive werewhales in Loor.