Unseely Fey is a template that can be added to any fey. The fey, referred to hereafter as the "base creature", retains its normal type, but changes it name to "Unseely [base creature]". It otherwise uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. Coming in contact with the Dark Pollen can create Unseely Fey. Once changed, offspring are also afflicted. There is no known cure, and even wish does not work.

Unseely faeries have brown, gray or black skin with possibly a slight tinge of color — an almost indiscernible hue of the base creature. If clothes are worn, these garments (likely stolen from other fey) are tattered and filthy cloth remnants. Fingers and toes frequently end in claws, and any wings are mothlike and tattered (although this can vary greatly). Appearance ranges from a bulbous head, eyes and cheeks, to long and pointed noses, twisted and pointed ears, and sharp, decayed teeth, and so on.

Attacks: As base creature, although Unseely Fey often use poisoned weapons.

Special Attacks: As base creature, except add cause fear. If an attack is based on Charisma, the results are the same, simply reverse the wording. For example, a nymph’s "blinding beauty" attack becomes an Unseely dryad’s "blinding ugliness" attack — same effect.

Special Quality: As base creature. If the special quality is bound up in the fey’s survival, the ability may change its method, but the effect is the same. Alter or add words that make sense, such as in the case of the dryad’s symbiosis quality could be modified to "…bound to a single, enormous dead oak tree and must never stray…"

Saves: Reduce Will save by -2 (but no lower than 1), all others remain.

Abilities: An unseely faerie is often as ugly as the base creature is beautiful. If the base creature’s Charisma score is higher than 10, subtract the base creature’s original Charisma score from 20 (no lower than 1). The total is the new Charisma score.

Skills: As base creature, except reduce any Perform skill points by half, rounding down, adding the difference to Escape Artist.

Environment: As base creature, although areas tend to be maligned (defiled swamp, haunted forest), extremely isolated (desert oasis, underground cavern) or inhospitable (volcanic peak, arctic glacier).

Organization: As base creature, except add “solitary” to the beginning of the list if it is not already listed.

Alignment: As base creature, except always evil. For example, chaotic good becomes chaotic evil.

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