Second printing cover, Knight of the Demon tree, published August 2009

"BEWARE DARK POLLEN" read the halfling, staring at a rotting wooden sign. Alesia and the Knights knew they has passed through the sinking forest, and were now in Dreadmire. The paladin said a quick prayer, before they silently moved forward into the Perdition...

The Dreadmire Chronicles: Knight of the Demon Tree (ISBN 9781432744656) is based in the campaign world of the popular Dreadmire role-playing game accessory. Three-time Darrell Award winner, author Elizabeth Donald, takes its elaborate characters on a daring journey through the swamp:

Kancethedrus, the clumsy paladin; Alesia, a voluptuous red-haired Creep; Angiss, the wise halfling prophet; Wynter, a lost elven druid; her lover Tam, a Moor Knight gone rogue; and the dysfunctional elven wizard, Salia; all on a quest to destroy the legacy of the mysterious Witch Hammer. Harrowed by unspeakable dead things and a myriad of strange swamp monsters, an unwitting group of adventurers attempts to save the sinking forest they fearfully call, Dreadmire.


Back cover of Knight of the Demon Tree, first & second printings


First printing cover, Knight of the Demon tree, published July 2009

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