Seven years ago the Thalass Emirate’s feudal government was displaced by a coup. This affected the social and economic infrastructure of the nation very little. The peons of the haciendas still herd cows, bison and whales, the serfs till grow corn, grain and potatoes, and the military still conscripts its people into the military.

As with the Arable Republic, the Thalass Emirate is made up of aristocrats, warriors, experts, and commoners, but in differing proportions (51% ranchers, 18% farmers, 12% navy, 8% army, 7% craftsfolk, 4% aristocrats). There is a standing army at sea and on land, the latter of which is predominantly stationed in forts surrounding its vague borders.

The coastal aquaranches of the Thalass Emirate are tended by wave-sliding sea ranchers. Great oyster reefs surround and interlace within Cay Bay and the sea beyond, in all but a few narrow straits, allowing minke whales to be trapped and bred as herd animals. The ranchers that watch over these herds are known as “whale shepherds,” and employ dolphins in the same way that sheep herders use sheep dogs. Some whale shepherds employ trained dolphins to pull them on round wave-sliding boards, which helps roundup the minke whales to keep them safe from predators, poachers, and animal-transmitted diseases.

The inland ranchers of the Thalass Emirate are gauchos, raising herds of bison and gaul cows (as opposed to the Arable Republic, which farm-raises auroch cows) for food on the Banedour Grasslands. The inland farmers have taken advantage of the numerous pothole marshes that dot their landscape, turning them into aquafarms for growing rice, raising crawfish and the like. Traditional agriculture farms also help supply a variety of foodstuffs.

The main Dreadmire map shows the larger villages of Aen, Armag, Bartizan, Bivona Bend, Bywater, Caramotte, Carolp, Caybeach, Chenier, Claerwater, Cliffwash, Creedence, Crockdown, Dismal Acropolis, Drehr, Drypond, Farlong, Fasthold, Fort Insula, Geddon, Jumon, Laon, Loam, Loor, Murcasia, Muske, Myrgrave, Naermarsh, Orauth, Rapides, Rigolet, Riverlong, Scrimp, Shell Beach, Southshank, Sunken City, Swamp Ward, Tickfawn, and Tyre. Except for the capitol city of Southshank, all are typical cowtowns. The only noteworthy location is the island village of Loor, which is the home of a large colony of werewhales, and the offshore tower of a sea wizard.

Capitol — Southshank (large city): Conventional Feudalism; AL LN; 40,000 gp limit; Population 17,336; Demographic isolated (human 99%, other races 1%). Authority Figure: Knors Malakesh (emir), male, human, 12th-level fighter.

Typical Town — Scrimp (village): Conventional Feudalism; AL LN; 750 gp limit; Population 430; Demographic isolated (human 99%, other races 1%). Rustlers are punished with banishment into the swamp. Authority Figure: Ardal Longdivers (mayor), male, human, 4th-level fighter. Similar cowtowns are ubiquitous throughout the Thalass Emirate.

Typical Rancher: Com5 or Exp5;; AC 10; AL LN; Atk spear, harpoon and unarmed strike; Str 11, Dex 12, Con 11, Int 9, Wis 9, Cha 10; Profession (ranching) +8 or Craft +6, Handle Animal +10.

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