A Lizardfolk tribe, the eponymous Tchefuncteaux, is friendly to most Dreadmire residents and visitors. This tribe of chaotic good Lizardfolk is a rare occurrence, as most other Lizardfolk are neutral and distrusting of non-Lizardfolk.

The Tchefuncteaux tribe claims itself to be all that is left of a lost civilization that once thrived in the area. The story has been handed down for generations, and gives details that suggest the native Marshfolk were once a great race whose civilization spanned the continent. In Lizardfolk legends, the human natives had an empire that was united in a great war against a common foe. The humans that sided with the enemy were turned into Serpents. Another few turned back and did not fight, and they were transformed into Lizardfolk. Their own story says that an oracle king, Tchefuncteaux, their tribal ancestor, believed it was a just punishment.

There is currently no evidence to validate their historical accountings, although there is a large gathering of Serpents at Anguis Vernax and smaller congregations at Awoi and Youb Nav. The Bayou Halflings assist the Tchefuncteaux when needed, and have a strong trade with the Lizardfolk.

The Tchefuncteaux have survived partly because they are the ancestral keepers of the Murarium, a secret cave (the entrance is now underwater) where they breed giant mice by the thousands. This plump, tender food is considered a delicacy by the Lizardfolk and are distributed alive to the swamp tribes in trade for weapons and supplies.

Authority Figure: K’nutilch’aa of Tchefuncteaux, male Lizardfolk, Clr6: Medium humanoid (aquatic, reptilian); HD 2d10+2 + 6d8 (cleric); AL CG. A more detailed description on K’nutilch’aa is given in The Great Bayou Halfling Boat Race adventure.