This is a powerful magic item created by a Quag Druid. Note that in the following descriptions of powers, the word "bug" means monstrous and non-monstrous insects and arachnids, unless otherwise stated.

The powers below drain one charge each:

-Charm Bug (as the charm person or animal spell, except it affects up to 4d4-3 bugs)

-Bug Messenger (as the animal messenger spell, except that the bug messenger is likely to bring some of its friends – this can be disconcerting to the recipient, despite their friendly disposition)

-Calm Bugs (as the calm animals spell)

-Detect Bugs (as the detect animals and plants spell)

-Hold Bug (as the hold animal spell)

-Summon swarm (bugs only)

The following powers drain two charges each:

-'Speak With Bugs (as the speak with animals spell)

-Bug Vapors (as the cloudkill spell, except only kills bugs)

-Insect plague

-Dominate Bug (as the dominate animal spell)

-Giant vermin (only affects bugs)

These powers drain three charges each:

-All powers above, except able to affect monstrous types (i.e. charm monstrous bug)

-Bug Shapes (as the animal shapes spell, except only allows non-giant bug shapes)

-Creeping doom

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