The river people, known locally as the River Ferriers, are Bayou Halflings that have moved out of the deep Backswamp and onto the rivers. After centuries of shipbuilding, fishing, and boating, these adaptive people have gradually melded into the background of human civilization by ferrying people up and down river.

The range of the River Ferriers is far reaching, stretching hundreds of miles northwest to southeast within the confines of the Meander River and its tributaries, to waters beyond Cay Bay at the mouth of this moving road.

River Ferriers often live on their boats, ranging from rowboats and gokstads, to barges and merchant ships that ferry cargo and passengers upstream and down. Near towns and roads they are often employed to ferry passengers from bank to bank in a houseboat, rowboat, or punting vessel. The price of this service varies widely, depending primarily on local demand. Travelers from foreign lands have been known to take a tourist river voyage just to see the oddity of a gokstad manned by scores of halflings.

It should be noted that there are foolhardy River Ferriers who would take passengers up the highly dangerous Fowl River for a hefty price.

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