Quag druid is a term that refers to all the druids within Dreadmire. While some past and remaining swamp druids are generic druids by rule, Dreadmire druids often specialize in their druidic beliefs. For instance, before the Somesuch began its dark influences, there was a river druid, alligator druid, plant druid, water druid, carnivore druid, clay druid, herbivore druid, avian druid, and so on. It is quite possible specialty druids are better able to survive in the harsh environment, or it could simply be a local cultural phenomenon. A Phyxius is an example of one such specialty druid (avian).

The Quag Druids are nigh extinct with the coming of the Somesuch. Those still alive are either surviving at the outskirts or are tainted as Dravages and Treant lycanthropes (Trafton, an ex-quag druid, is the leader of a group of evil weretreants). Those few druids that have not fully succumbed are still influenced by the evil cancer that spreads through the deep Backswamp. Feral, savage ex-druids live a barbaric existence, raving incoherently and wandering the muck without purpose or sense. Even the Somesuch — in a twisted form of revenge against druidkind — largely ignores these poor, mad individuals.

One such exception to this madness is Kalendra Pickaxe, a rare dwarven druid that is exceptionally resistant to the Dark Pollen (likely due to her racial heritage and high Wisdom). Although Kalendra suspects some sinister force is at work in the swamp, she has yet to locate its source.

Authority Figure: Kalendra Pickaxe, female Mud Dwarf; Drd14; AL N; Wis 21; Wild Empathy; Survival 18, Handle Animal 14, Knowledge (nature) 19, Survival 22, Swim 16; Craft Staff, Iron Will, Maximize Spell, Silent Spell. Kalendra carries the powerful staff of bugs.

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