Orsel in camouflage and mobile modes

Orsels are Fine (slight) plants that thrive in moist forests and swamps, attaching to tree low limbs. They drop on their prey from above, attaching to victims in order to suck blood. An Orsel makes a +8 touch attack, and if successful it automatically and secretly attaches to a victim. It takes an Orsel 5 rounds to filter a drop of blood plasma and send the unused whole blood back into the bloodstream. It then detaches, falls lightly to the ground and crawls away at a speed of 1 ft. Orsels are not dangerous themselves, but carry diseases and pestilence. A creature bitten by an Orsel must make a successful Fortitude check (DC 13) or become infected by a blood-borne disease (roll on Diseases Sub-Table under “Swamp Encounter Tables”).

Orsel swarms are statistically identical to locust swarms, except without the "fly" movement rate. Orsels cannot swim per se, but they can glide (5 ft.) on calm water surface tension quite easily.

Hazard, CR ½

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