Oozoids are transparent oozes that maintain a humanlike shape. These creatures are used as slaves by fungus and ooze demons, as Oozoids make excellent assassins and covert couriers. They speak their own Oozoid language, as well as the language of their masters (usually Abyssal), if any. Oozoids inhabit remote, unhealthy places, such as a fetid swamps, rotting forests, and underground miasmas.

Oozoids receive the Improved Unarmed Strike and Stunning Fist feats as a racial bonus. Their transparent nature provides excellent surprise attack opportunities for the first strike. After that, Oozoids favor constriction in order to remove any metal armor.

Amorphous Body (Ex): An Oozoid can become amorphous for a total of 20 rounds each hour, slithering down a mole hole, oozing under a door, or otherwise squeezing through tiny places. An Oozoid using this ability takes up just as much space as it original volume, and therefore cannot compress into a smaller space than can contain its entire mass.

Constrict (Ex): An Oozoid that makes a successful grapple check can automatically deal 1d6 constriction damage to the held creature, and possible metal corrosion damage to any susceptible armor, each round.

Metal Corrosion (Ex): Metal weapons stuck inside an Oozoid must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 19) each round or become useless immediately, dissolving completely on the next round. These corrosive enzymes have no affect on organic, crystal and stone materials. Oozoids that wish to employ weapons must use non-metal ones, such as a crystal dagger or bow, or otherwise wrap the handle in thick cloth.

Weapon Engulf (Ex): When a melee weapon strikes an Oozoid, the attacker must make a Strength check or the weapon is stuck in the Oozoid’s body. Weapons so lodged can be expelled by the Oozoid if it wishes. Weapons that are held fast are subject to corrosion. Uncorroded weapons can easily be removed from a dead Oozoid.

Transparent (Ex): An Oozoid is nearly invisible in normal light and moves without a sound. It takes a successful Spot check (DC 14) to notice a motionless Oozoid.

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