The Nomenary is a large cluster of gnome burrows within the tall, broken hills bordering Dreadmire — nearly the same area occupied by the human Hill Clans. These gnomes are horologists, astronomers, and naturists, that spend most of their time peering at the heavens and cataloguing natural phenomenon. Each Nomenary village is known for its specialty, such as a planetarium, astronomical clock tower, open-air observatory, and an inspiring celestial book, The Astronomicon. The gnomes in general have contributed a great deal to the naturist book "Cyclopedia of Swamp Environment and Cultures" about local ecology and people.

Nomenary gnomes are fond of producing clockwork devices for their entertainment and study, including orrery of the solar system, intricate timepieces, automated zoetropes, mechanical toys, metallic musical instruments, and the like. Some gnome wizards produce extraordinary devices, arcane clockwork, which are magically infused machines. The most notable of their clockwork devices is a steam-powered swamp vehicle, the puddleroller. Also of note is their moss gin, a clockwork device that processes swamp moss for stuffing into furniture or mattresses. Nomenary gnomes are also the only known makers of glass geissler tubes used by Alchemists and wizards.

Because of their proximity to the mountains, the gnomes of these clans have become experts at fighting the giants that emerge from there. They have developed the giant bola, giant lariat, giant caltrop, giant crossbow, and others. Their Augnan Fighting Dogs are trained both to track giants and fight them in battle.

Tocksgrottle (hamlet): Conventional; AL NG; 100 gp limit; Population 395; Demographic isolated (gnome 91%, halfling 6%, half-elf 2%, other races 1%). Tocksgrottle is the primary city of the Nomenary community, but there are several others, including Hobb Knob and Kettle Holler.

Authority Figure: Eclecticus Cobbler (esquire), male gnome, Wiz5/Ftr7: Small humanoid; AL NG; Wis 17, Cha 18. Familiar — "Gnarltooth" Augnan Fighting Dog.

Augnan Fighting Dog "Gnarltooth": Diminutive animal (shapechanger); HD 6d8+18 (45 hp); Alternate Form: Large Animal (Shapechanger); HD 6d8+18 (45 hp).