Along the palisade of steep escarpments that separate the Agnathan Mountains from the swamps resides a loosely banded community of cliff-dwelling Neanderthals. These cave folk are savage hunters and quiet gatherers, subject to fits of rage and possessing deep compassion. They are mildly xenophobic, often attacking first and seeking peace in the aftermath.

They cannot speak using anything more than vowel sounds, and thus have no real verbal language. Communication is accomplished through a simple form of sign language and emotive expressions on their faces, combined with grunts and panhoots similar to that of apes. Conversations in this manner are limited not only by the form, but by Neanderthal’s lack of understanding of higher concepts, such as the "next week", "far away places", or "ethereal beings", and so on.

Neanderthals have most of the same statistics as humans, except for ability scores, possessing a 4 point lower than average Intelligence, and a 4 point higher than average Strength and Constitution, but otherwise reflecting modern humans fairly well. Their most distinguishing feature is a slightly more prominent brow and larger head. They live a hunting and loosely tribal existence.

Neanderthals have no significant relations with any other race or faction. They live off their own hard work and instinctual drive to survive. Rangers have been known to befriend families of Neanderthals that have fallen on hard times, but even this is rare. Neanderthals are proud and insular, and do not seek or accept help easily. Neanderthals have been known to help someone in dire straits, provided a way to help is simple and obvious (such as saving a drowning child, or caring for a near-dead stranger discovered in the wild).