Mushroom Golem

This Large construct is created using flesh golem cost and procedures, altered only in that it is the fusion of six different Mushroom Folk bodies. A Mushroom Golem has all the same statistics and abilities of a flesh golem, except with the swapping of the Berserk ability with the following new ability:

Spore Golems (Ex): Those struck by a Mushroom Golem must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or become infected with microscopic golems. These spore golems seek out the central nervous system and attack it, paralyzing the victim in 1d4 rounds. A remove disease spell must be applied within 5d12 rounds or the victim’s spine begins to disintegrate. A successful Constitution save (DC 20) made at this time indicates death has not resulted from the infection. Unfortunately, a survivor of such an attack is permanently paralyzed from the neck down unless a regenerate spell is cast. The spore golems dissolve once their cycle is complete.

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