Mummifungi (plural) have all the same statistics as Medium size humanoid mummies, except as follows:

These undead are the preserved remains of Mushroom Folk (new monster), usually a revered chief of great power. Mummifungi are often neutral evil. Instead of mummy rot, they possess undead spores:

Undead Spores (Su): Supernatural disease—slam, Fortitude save DC 16, incubation period 1 minute, damage 1d6 temporary Con and 1d6 permanent Cha. These undead spores attack living cells inside the victim’s body, draining their life in much the same way a vampire does. As the victim’s cells turn into undead cells, the body begins to rapidly decay in a cascade effect.

Unlike normal diseases, undead spores infect a creature until the victim has either 1 point of Charisma or 0 points of Constitution. If the victim reaches 0 Constitution first, the creature dies, turning into a pile of dust covered in a harmless black fungus. If the infected creature reaches 1 Charisma first, the disease has been destroyed by the body’s immune system. However, the surviving victim is covered in black fungus. This fungus is like mildew; it is hairy, disgusting, and cold to the touch, but otherwise not dangerous.

A remove disease spell applied after the disease has run its course eliminates the black fungus. To eliminate undead spores in progress, the curse must be broken with break enchantment or remove curse, followed by a remove disease spell. Charisma loss is permanent unless a lesser restoration or restoration spell is applied.

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