The northern bordering nation does not sit idly by and let monstrosities meander into their territory to harass their farmer citizens. In fact, there is an order of knights employed solely to keep these monsters within the confines of the swamp, or destroy them (or in such cases where destruction is impossible, to spread the word of a rampaging creature). The Moor Knights, as they are called, are the leaders of specally trained detachment patrolling the heath and marshes bordering Dreadmire.

Although it is considered somewhat ignominious to be assigned to the Moor Knights, the citizen soldiers take their duties very seriously. The detachment under command of the Moor Knights is officially called the "swamp detachment" branch of the militia. They are armed with pikes and crossbows, wear padded armor, and carry wooden shields. On the heath they can be found walking with special shoes strapped onto their feet to prevent sinking into the mud, otherwise they are usually on horseback. The largest fort, Fort Mire, is located uneasily close to the edge of the swamp. This required the mounting of many large ballistae on its battlements, in order to keep dangerous swamp monstrosities at bay.

There is a healthy relationship between the Heath Rangers and the Moor Knights, at least when it comes to keeping what lurks within, within. The Moor Knights have not avoided corruption by the Dark Pollen, however. Some tortured souls have become twisted freaks of their former selves, retaining their knightly skills but their minds and bodies ruined forever. In a somewhat tragic bit of irony, these "Freak Knights," as they are called, patrol inside Dreadmire, slaying other corrupted creatures that prey on the innocent. The Freak Knight mantra is, "Ugliness is beauty, Terror is calamity, Control is essential."

Moor Knights are also on the lookout for ill intentioned Creeps, the human miscreants of Dreadmire. The Moor Knights have learned long ago that flogging Creeps caught breaking the law does little good. A Creep discovered making mischief is given a mark of justice by a Moor Knight's shield of justice, and released.

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