No Mire Giants have ever been corrupted by the Dark Pollen, living as they do beneath the water out of reach of the airborne agent. The largest village of Mire Giants is Wardenmire, a group of five extended families. Under the water, near the Bayou Halfling community of Iota, is the dwelling of a family of these helpful creatures, Swansea and her husband Croix, and his two sisters Riverose and Hollymead.

Mire giants dwell in moist, swampy regions of reeds and cypress. They make their lairs in underwater caves and sunken, hollow tree trunks. Mire giants prefer to hunt animals for food and seldom bother surface beings. These giants are often at odds with nearby black dragons, as they tend to compete for the same resources. It is not unusual for Mire Giants to work together with nearby aquatic elf communities.

Authority Figure: Ogart Immerse, swamp regent, male Mire Giant; HD 15d8; AC 17; AL CG; Huge greatclub.