The Marshfolk are descendents of the aborigines that inhabited these wild lands for thousands of years. They make up the largest population of the area around Dreadmire. Like the Heath Rangers, Marshfolk seldom venture into the swamp, as for them it is a long held taboo. They make their living off the peripheral marshlands by hunting, fishing and growing crops on farms spread throughout Marshfolk territory.

Some civilized Marshfolk grow rice, using the more amiable Creeps for labor on their rice farms. Other Marshfolk prefer the old ways of fishing and hunting for survival. They live in tents made of animal skins and collect moss to sell. Mosspoint is the only real town of Marshfolk — the rest are widely dispersed in single-family dwellings.

Among a minority of the Marshfolk, within the more rural of their communities, the old faiths are still remembered and folk magic (juju) is in common practice. In these areas, juju and religion are less well defined, and wild talents manifest. Among those who live in these marsh areas are rare individuals who act as sentinels for the villages. Known as Hidewalkers colloquially, these people can change into an animal shape, and possess bestial tendencies in their normal form.

These native descendents believe that everyone has a totem animal, a spirit guide to watch over him or her. This belief predates the migrations, tracing its roots back to the original settlers of this region. The migrants systematically hunted down and killed Hidewalkers, fearing them as werecreatures. Only in this region did the foreign settlers live in harmony with the old faiths, and thus the Dreadmire area is the only place the Hidewalker practice is still known to exist. It is likely some isolated Bushfolk Halflings follow this path as well. In fact, the native Lizardfolk are the only other race known to have Hidewalker.

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