In the swamp, the Fen of Marais is a pleasant area of idyllic wetlands wherein animals and plants are protected by residents of the swamp. The area is considered a holy place. It was the first area of swamp to form after the Great Quake. The quake shook the mountains, disrupted volcanoes, changed the course of rivers, and sunk the forest below sea level. Soon afterwards the waters came and the swamp began to form.

The hideous earth god Modan tricked the beauteous water goddess Lorelei into conceiving a child, their union creating a godbaby. As it formed in its multi-dimensional cocoon of energy, Modan secreted the godbaby far beneath the earth. In a fit of rage, the water goddess and Baromet, her true lover, did battle with the earth god. As hurricanes and floods wracked the coast, Modan hackled his backside (the oregeny of some of the Agnathan Mountains). As the water saturated and dissolved the land, the charred cocoon was uncovered. Emerging alone and confused, the godbaby, Marais, fled. Modan did then battle the deities directly, and ultimately the earth god lost. After a mighty conflagration, Modan was imprisoned on a prison plane of mud. Lorelei was weakened and returned to her home plane for a time.

The disappearance of a god does not go unnoticed or without consequence. The Great Quake shook the earth and forever altered the orography. Some volcanoes erupted, other went silent, lands dropped, sinkholes formed, and the earth split wide in places. The land was transformed by Marais, now a godling. Marais became the new god of earth, water, the life that springs from it, and the death that this life succumbs to.

Marais is now the god of the wetlands, and in many ways the god of Dreadmire. His sphere of influence includes primarily marshes and swamps, although any area of mud or shallow water holds his interest. Marais watches over all wetland creatures and is friendly to all beings that live in harmony with the swamp. Marais appears in many forms, such as amphibious humanoids, animated plants, fog, or as a Marsh Elemental. Worshippers may be any alignment. Marais is strictly neutral, worshipped by swamp natives, Quag Druids, heath rangers and Nature Bards. Marais is also the chosen god of many Alligataurs, Darkhoppers, Giant Eagles, Lizardfolk, Mire Giants and Cypress Treants.

Holy Symbol: A pair of crossed animal bones bound at the cross point by marsh reeds on a brown background.

Favored Weapon: Throwing club.

Authority Figure: Geismar Cortana (pot bearer), female halfling Clr5/Msh4; AL N.

Honored Prayer of Marais: "Water to mud, life from the earth. Grant us good road, fruit of water, and peace of anima."

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