A bethel (seaman church) of Lorelei is invariably constructed from flotsam, having been erected after a shipwreck or other waterborne disaster. In many cases, there is no padre attendant (these priests are frequently out to sea) in a bethel of Lorelei, so a detailed rubric explains procedures for running a mass without a cleric present. If a padre is present, there is a parsonage to the back of the church where this holy person lives.

Inside the church are a sacristy and vestment room, as well as a reliquary of minor holy artifacts. A shrine to the venerated sea saints (usually local sailor heroes) is not uncommon. The altar is always made of driftwood, though adorned variably by coral and sand, or mud and reeds, all of which has been gathered by a priest of Lorelei. An aspergillum is always handy to sprinkle holy water gathered from the stoup inside the front entrance (there is never a door), and first from a natural water source (sea, bayou, lake, swamp, etc.). The interior is what otherwise might be called "nautical", but in a deliberate, rather than tacky, fashion. Bethel motifs closer to a sea are more sea-like, whereas those closer to inland waterways and swamps are more river-like. Sand mandala and mud paintings are common adorning artwork.

The dogma of Lorelei promotes respect for bodies of water and their awesome power, known as "The Law of the Sea". The laity consists of sailors and captains, as well as others who are personally associated with the waters, including aquatic elves, dockworkers, fisher folk and shipwrights. True "landlubbers" are seldom welcome at an official mass, although they might be allowed to swab the floors. A priest of Lorelei is officially called a "conn", but the conn is colloquially referred to as a "padre".

There are a dozen or so of these churches along the saltmarsh shores to the south of the swamp. The largest is in the town of Loam, along the shore of the bay near the Meander River outlet. Loam is not far from inland Chenier, a quaint Seamarsh village with the second largest bethel, constructed from mangrove jetsam.

Holy Symbol: Carved on a piece of wooden flotsam is the symbol of an anchor in front of a stylized net.

Favored Weapon: Fishing gaff (new weapon). Some worshippers coat their weapon in poison [Box jellyfish; DC 22; Initial 3d8 Con; Secondary 3d8 Con; 6,300 gp].

Authority Figure: Padre Luana Fairbairn (conn), halfling, Clr3; AL LN.

Honored Prayer of Lorelei: "Ahoy, Lorelei. We ask thee for an even keel, favorable heading, and a full manifest on our journey. Please see our fellows safely to harbor and keep our vessel seaworthy. May the swells of Lorelei engulf our souls should we succumb at sail."

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