All Lizardfolk of Dreadmire maintain the native practice of totem worship. As with the Marshfolk, the Lizardfolk have Hidewalkers and practice the old faiths.

Throughout the swamp, and especially in the Backswamp, the trunks of dead cypress trees are carved with the numerous faces of animalistic gods, forming a series of large painted totem poles. Visitors are surprised to see frighteningly vivid colors on such poles, ranging from orange, yellow, red, black, white, brown and green, made from animal oils, blood, fish eggs, ochre and moss, painted on with animal fur brushes. A Lizardfolk tribe member can be heard to say "low folk on the totem pole" referring to a revered figure, because traditionally the bottom figure of their totem poles is the most important.

These poles are sacred to the Lizardfolk, marking holy ground. The animals depicted are thought to bless the land and the tribes who carve them. Animals can range from unidentifiable, to a wide range of fauna, such as the hawk, mosquito, raven, beaver, wolf, frog, eagle, thunderbird, bear or even whales. A few of the totem poles marking ancient fey groves are magical.

Tribes of Lizardfolk permeate the length and breadth of Dreadmire, with a combined population of approximately 12,000 adults. Tribes include, but are not limited to, the Aleqasina, Anahuac, Cynth Naqi, Delganuuki’aa, Gisoad Wanan, Hiti, Ihouma, Itkytala, Itlanacuol, Labadiev, Ninge Garik, Odoree, Quetsek’an, Tchefuncteaux, Tchou Otcha, Uchacahou, and Urosi (note that Lizardfolk have difficulties pronouncing sounds that use lips, such as B, F, M, P, V and W).

At the center of each tribal village is a 50 ft. high, 5 ft. in diameter totem pole. The powers of Hidewalkers always work at 100% efficacy when within 200 ft. of such totem poles. If a village should come under attack, a tribal shaman can call the totems from the pole to defend its residents.

The Lizardfolk construct "mudhifs", arched reed huts for shelter, including immense reed mudhifs for ceremonies, and reed hull boats complete with mast and sail. Their art is evident on pottery, ceremonial troughs (a rod of carved gypsum not unlike scrimshaw), and the ubiquitous totem poles.

The Anahuac tribe is currently at odds with the Tchefuncteaux tribe over territory rights. Anahuac is important strategically, because it lies along a primary hunting trail.

Authority Figure: Ieyoub of Anahuac, oracle king, female Lizardfolk, Clr14: HD 2d10+2 + 14d8 (cleric); AL N. Ieyoub carries the spear of the lizard king. Lizardfolk do not associate "king" with gender.

There are 5 praxis that all Lizardfolk tribes have in common:

-Totem worship and totem pole creation.

-Ancestor veneration.

-Divine kingship as an oracle king.

-Believe shadows are separate, living entities.

-Exorcism and execration rituals using huaca.