Leacon, also known as Abufihami in human lands, was a dire mallard with a sentient spark who possessed great strength of character and a firm resolve. During the dark times of high necromancy, it is said Leacon led a kamikaze army of waterfowl against the lich-druid’s war machine. While the attack was a failure in terms of fowl casualties, the delay and confusion they caused allowed the Giant Eagles to evacuate an entire human city and save thousands of lives. After this heroic deed, a deity of the swamp (rumored to be Marais) sponsored Leacon for apotheosis.

Leacon the Ducklord, as he is called, is the god of waterfowl. His sphere of influence encompasses swamps, marshes, birds, and water. He usually appears as a giant dabbling duck, although when dealing directly with humanoids he takes on anthropomorphic features. In some cultures Leacon is depicted as a harlequin duck, swan, or humanoid waterfowl. Leacon is neutral good, and worshippers can be of any alignment except evil. Despite this restriction, it is known some evil waterfowl (i.e. possessed pintails, hell spawned mergansers, lycanthropic canvasbacks, zombie mallards, vampire dabbling ducks, wicked wood ducks, etc.) say a quick prayer to Leacon when in the midst of a natural peril.

This "Muckduck" cult follows the "Way of the Duck" which is a simple dogma that illustrates idealized behaviors and promotes harmony with nature. Personal grooming is highly prized, as is fellowship, family, and safe travel over long distances. Luck is optimized through planning and open communication, although a form of segregated equality is promoted for differing races — flocking together, as it were.

The laity of Leacon is known for its rural hospitality and fondness for breads and fish. Altars to Leacon are simple affairs of nested and woven reeds decorated with flowers and feathers. Potential clergy are anointed in a right of unction, a ritual fast and retreat into the deep wilderness, after which they become indoctrinated in the mendicant order. Religious leaders of Leacon are often Phyxius clerics. All defrocked Phyxius, the profane, or blasphemers, are considered reprobate and shunned accordingly. All of Leacon’s followers speak Fowl language, a dialect of avian. Quite a few Bayou Halflings worship Leacon.

Holy Symbol: A tetraskelion figure composed of four bent feather wings radiating from the center.

Favored Weapon: Bird-bolt.

Authority Figure: Ohneaux Greylag (honored Phyxius), male halfling Clr11; AL NG.

Honored Prayer (the morningsong) of Leacon: "That it may please thee to illuminate our paths, good Leacon, deliver us to our nests safely in flock. Let us speak with humbled voices and merciful majesty. We are penitent for our peccadilloes and sins. Grant us mercy O Leacon, father of understanding."

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