Aberystwyth; Farming village; Arable Republic
Aen; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Aerolith Swamp; Meteor impact site, rock still intact; Southeast Dreadmire
Agnathan Mountains; Neanderthals, chimera, giants, giant eagles, dinosaurs, orcs; East of Dreadmire
Aleqasina; Lizardfolk village; South of Angel Swamp
Amandla; Half-orc thorp, espouse harmony with all races; Fork where Meander and Fowl rivers meet
Ambernack ; Farming village; Arable Republic
Anahuac; Lizardfolk village; Southeast of Sludgewood Marsh
Angel Swamp; Area of swamp where every plant and animal is white; East of Merganser Estuary
Anguis Vernax; Serpent village, chuul; Wildmarshes
Arable Republic; Democratic farming country; humans; auroch cows; halflings; North of Dreadmire
Armag ; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Awoi; Serpent village; Merganser Estuary
Bad Rock Pond; Muddy moat that formed around meteor at Aerolith Swamp; Aerolith Swamp
Banedour Grasslands; Grassy plains, goblins, gaul cows, blink dogs, gold dragon; Thalass Emirate
Bark; Bushfolk Halfling thorp; Eastern Dreadmire
Bartizan ; Large fort city; Thalass Emirate
Bastionhold; Large fort city; Arable Republic
Big Frog Lake; Spanned by a buoyant foot bridge, colossal frog; Southwest of Dreadmire
Bivona Bend ; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Boiling Point; Corsair thorp, vampirate halfling, merrow ogres, Big Frog Lake
Braethwaite; Small town sized Alligataur colony, Center Dreadmire; near Cypress Deadfall
Brecon; Farming village; Arable Republic
Brokentree; Large wild elf town; Big Frog Lake coast
Bywater; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Caldera Swamp; Weaves through a series of crumbling calderas; Agnathan Mountains
Canyon of Ten Thousand Smokes; Ash laden valley of fumaroles, fire giants, belkers; Agnathan Mountains
Caramotte; Small fort city; Thalass Emirate
Carolp; Whaling village; Thalass Emirate
Cauldrons; Lakes inside a series of calderas; Agnathan Mountains
Caverns of the Witch-Queen; Lair of Salina, self-imposed ruler of the salt swamp; Great Salt Swamp
Cay Bay; Saltwater bay, Alluvial Elves, merfolk, dolphins, whales, etc; South and east coastline areas
Caybeach; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Chenier; Fishing village; Seamarsh/Thalass Emirate
Churlie’s Bunion; Large rock gnome city; Agnathan Mountains
Claerwater; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Cliffwash; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Copse of Verdurzuzu; Evil lair, amidst a circle of Tree Devils & undead trees, Center Dreadmire in the Perdition
Creedence; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Crescent-on-the-Marsh; Bayou Halfling thorp, Northwestern Dreadmire on Meander River
Cribb; Hamlet of Cribbets, Near Big Frog Lake; north shore of Fowl River
Crockdown; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Crumbling Cliffs; Falling cliff face near Sunken City, Floating Monestary, Southern Thalass Emirate/Cay Bay
Cyclogenesis Pylon; Metal pylon glows during strange tornadic activity; Northern Dreadmire
Cynth Naqi; Lizardfolk village; Northeastern Dreadmire
Cypress Deadfall; Remnants of blasted redwoods, fungi, oozes, slimes, cultists; Center Dreadmire
Dalrymple Inlet; Bayou Halfling thorp; Northwestern Dreadmire
Darkheart Swamp; Home to the fabled ambrosia moss; Southern Dreadmire
Darkness Falls; Waterfall covering dwarven mine; Ophel Highlands
Dawlin; Bayou Halfling thorp; East of Darkheart Swamp
Delganuuki’aa; Lizardfolk village; Southern Dreadmire
Demopolis; Large capitol city, river port, wharves; Arable Republic
Dismal Acropolis ; Fort hamlet; Thalass Emirate
Dockside; Large port town, river port, docks; Arable Republic
Dove Forge; Farming village; Arable Republic
Draconian Forest; Redwood trees, dragons, dinosaurs, half-dragons; Southern Agnathan Mountains
Dread Bend; Sharp turn in Meander River, ancient tunnel underneath river; Northern Dreadmire
Dreadmire; Massive swamp formed after an earthquake; Center and border to nearly everything
Drehr; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Drypond ; Small cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Dullbone; Half-orc thorp, espouse hatred for humans and love for orcs, Fork where Meander & Fowl rivers meet
Empire Barrier Reef; Reef across Cay Bay coast, only opening at Jetty Lighthouse; Cay Bay
Farlong; Small fort city; Thalass Emirate
Fasthold; Large fort city; Thalass Emirate
Figment Forest; Forests gnomes, fey, phantom fungus, phase spiders, orcs; Arable Republic/Tromascus (disputed)
Forass; Evile Cannibal thorp; Center Dreadmire; in the Perdition
Fort Exica ; Fort village; Arable Republic
Fort Foothill ; Fort village; Arable Republic
Fort Insula; Large fort town; ship docks; Thalass Emirate
Fort Mire ; Fort village; Arable Republic
Fort Outcast; Fort village; Arable Republic
Fort Peniston ; Fort village; Arable Republic
Fowl River; Small connecting river from Big Frog Lake to Meander River; South of Dreadmire
Garden of Orchidae; Orchidae use this old druid’s grove for their worship; Northeastern Dreadmire
Geddon ; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Geistburg; Ruins of small Mud Dwarf city “Ober Archburg”; Agnathan Mountains
Gisoad Wanan; Lizardfolk village; Eastern Dreadmire; near Meander River
Gnatty Branch; Farming village; Arable Republic
Great Salt Swamp; Expansive swamp of salt-caked waterlogged ground; Northeast of Dreadmire
Greaux Bridge; Bayou Halfling hamlet, elevated cypress shacks; Western Dreadmire
Gruefield Forest; Forest grew on gruesome battlefield, forest gnomes, kobolds, Arable republic
Gum Stand; Farming village; Arable republic
Haunted Tar Pits; Zombies and skeletons are trapped in tar; Southeastern edge of Dreadmire
Hibernaculum; Haunted overwinter site for extinct races of insects; Eastern edge of Dreadmire
Highland Forest; Oak, hickory, pine, mountain/stone giants, bronze dragons; Agnathan Mountains
Hillmarshes; Flooded lowland hills; hippogeese; orcs; harpies; Southeast of Ophel Highlands; near Torshire
Hiti; Lizardfolk village; Southern Dreadmire near Fowl River
Hive of Qualm; Thorp of Qualm worshipers that obey the Necrocompa; Center Dreadmire in Perdition southern edge
Hobb Knob; Nomenary gnome village; Ophel Highlands
Humbleton; Farming village; Arable Republic
Hurricane Cove; Cove used by fisher folk to ride out storms, nymphs; Big Frog Lake
Invention Graveyard; Technology dump of visitors from the future; Center Dreadmire south of Cypress Deadfall
Iota; Bayou Halfling thorp; Center Dreadmire on Fowl River
Istrouma; Bayou Halfling hamlet, sod homes; Northwestern Dreadmire
Itkytala; Lizardfolk village; Southwestern Dreadmire
Itlanacuol; Lizardfolk village; Eastern Dreadmire
Jagged Forest; Fraser furs, red spruce, wood elves, harpies, giants; Agnathan Mountains
Jeningus Oil Hole; Oozing crude oil pools up into a caldera; Southern edge of the Hillmarshes
Jetty Lighthouse; Marks only safe ship passage through the barrier reef; Cay Bay/Thalass Emirate
Jumon ; Whaling village; Thalass Emirate
Kether; Farming village; Arable republic
Kettle Holler; Nomenary gnome village; Ophel Highlands
Kiha Mokupuni; Means “Serpent Island”, Wikiwiki Gnomes, viper snakes; South of Mangrove Saltmarsh/Cay Bay
Knobbleberry Fen; Bushfolk Halfling community of Vorace worshippers; Center Dreadmire eastern Perdition edge
Labadiev; Lizardfolk village; Northern edge of Dreadmire
Laon ; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Lethe River; Carries runoff to Hillmarshes, Simmering River; Agnathan Mountains
Light Knight; Freak knight fortress protected by holy light; Center Dreadmire barely inside the Perdition
Loam ; Fishing village; Seamarsh/Thalass emirate
Lobdell; Fall and spring home for Mountain Nomads; Southeastern Agnathan Mtns. (not on map)
Loghale Forest; Oak, maple, centaurs, high elves, owlbears, orcs; Thalass Emirate
Loor; Large whaling city, sea port, wharves; Thalass Emirate
Lorgrave Mountains; Storm giants, orcs; South of the Great Salt Swamp
Losthome Hills; Gnolls, orcs, wild elves, halflings; South of Big Frog Lake
Magma Marsh; Lava from Modan volcano winds its way through this marsh; Eastern Dreadmire
Mandible Trenasse; Canal connecting Meander River to Dalrymple Inlet; Near Sludgewood Marsh on Meander River
Mangrove Saltmarsh; Mangrove treants; green hags; hydras; mire giants; giant owls; South of Dreadmire north of Kiha Mokupuni
Meander River; Winding river stretches north hundreds of miles to Cay Bay; Dreadmire
Merganser Estuary; Birthplace of deity Leacon, Serpents, medusas, manticores; East of Dreadmire
Millford Haven; Farming village; Arable Republic
Mithra Forest; Liveoak trees, wild elves, wood elves, forest gnomes, fey; Losthome hills
Modan Volcano; Temple of Modan beneath, magmin, mephits; Agnathan mountains
Monkey Hill; Ancient burial mound watched by strange girallons; Center Dreadmire south of the Perdition
Muckdemon Island; Floating marsh island, Creeps, sea hags, Sodsuckers; In Big Frog Lake
Mudhole; Bayou Halfling thorp; Southern Dreadmire near Fowl River
Murcasia ; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Muske ; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Myrgrave ; Cowtown village; Thalass Emirate
Naermarsh ; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Naquin Volcano; Creates Simmering River high temperatures; Agnathan Mountains
Ninge Garik; Lizardfolk village; Eastern Dreadmire
Oarnin; Half-orc thorp, espouse love for humans and hatred for orcs; Fork where Meander & Fowl rivers meet
Ober Archburg; Original name of Mud Dwarf city, ruins called “Geistburg”; Agnathan Mountains
Obsidian Desert; Inside extinct volcano, rocks, ash, lamias, humans, lammasu; Agnathan Mountains
Ole Floating Tidal Mill; Haunted by shadows and ghosts; Southern Dreadmire
Ophel Highlands; Steep hills, gnomes, ettins/hill giants, goblins, orcs; South of Arable Republic
Orauth; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Paludial Sea; Shallow water hundreds of miles wide, aboleth, skum, nixies; East of the Ophel Highlands, etc.
Pearl Palisades; Salt laden cliffs bordering the bay; Great Salt Swamp/Cay Bay
Peatmont; Hill Clan territory; Southeastern Agnathan Mtns. (not on map)
Peduncle; Alluvial Elf village; Cay Bay east of Merganser Estuary
Picksville; Mountain dwarf metropolis; Agnathan Mountains
Pier Part; Bayou Halfling thorp; Southwestern Dreadmire, in Aerolith Swamp
Plant Menagerie; Halfling ex-druid Houdoan grows exotic plants; Sludgewood Marsh, edge of the moors
Port Mud ; Small seaside village; Arable Republic
Portal of the Ages; Temporal portal of Aeternus; Center Dreadmire, in the Perdition
Poxaway Lake; 10 mile wide lake; Thalass Emirate/Banedour Grasslands
Quetsek’an; Lizardfolk village; Eastern Dreadmire, south of Angel Swamp
Rapides ; Fishing/hunting thorp, river docks; Merganser Estuary/Thalass Emirate
Resurrection Cave; Dead creatures placed inside return to life; Center Dreadmire, western Perdition edge
Rigolet ; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Riverlong ; Fishing village, river docks; Thalass Emirate
Rockslide Pass; Dangerous path from Dreadmire to salt swamp; Lorgrave Mountains
Ronin Hood; Ex-samurai monk Bonyr no Kesia’s hideout; Southeast of Cypress Deadfall
Rooted Caves; Arcane Atheist meeting place, also called “Secera Nasatuv”; Southern edge of the Hillmarshes
Rose-Croix; Farming village; Arable Republic
Rot Bog; Native ossuary cursed by mummies with rotting disease; Sludgewood Marsh, northwestern Dreadmire
Sagud; Shacktown populated by Derangers; Center Dreadmire, in the Perdition
Saix Foresst; Inhabited by gray elves, dryads, green dragon; Ophel Highlands
Salt Flats; A desert of salt-caked ground; basilisks, dragonnes; Great Salt Swamp
Sanctuary Totem; Totem pole prevents hostilities nearby; Southwestern Dreadmire, near Aerolith Swamp
Sawvale; Hill Clan territory; Ophel Highlands
Scrimp ; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Scrogswamp; Twisted, gnarled, dense undergrowth, druid castle lies within; Southeastern Dreadmire
Seamarsh; Saltmarsh, Mire Giants, Alluvial Elves; Outlet of Meander River
Secera Nasatuv; Arcane Atheist meeting place, also called “Rooted Caves”; Southern edge of the Hillmarshes
Seemore ; Farming village; Arable Republic
Severeville ; Farming village; Arable Republic
Shagu Akar; Ruins of a great aboriginal temple; Northernmost tip of Dreadmire
Shallmet ; Farming village; Arable Republic
Shell Beach ; Small whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Ship Island; Barrier island; humans; Thalass Emirate/Cay Bay
Shorn; Bayou Halfling thorp, Center Dreadmire, north of Cypress Deadfall
Simmering River; Carries boiling runoff to Big Frog Lake; Agnathan Mountains
Sludgewood Marsh; Freshwater marshes; Northwestern Dreadmire
Slug Forest; Lush rainforest, wild elves; Eastern Agnathan Mountains
Snake Laguna; Bayou Halfling fishing thorp; Southern Dreadmire - shore of Fowl River
Southshank; Capitol metropolis; Thalass Emirate
Spindletop; Summer home for Mountain Nomads; Agnathan Mountains
Stonecipher; Rocky area of ancient symbols, also appear on Hibernaculum; Northern Ophel Highlands
Sunken City ; Former small whaling town that fell from crumbling cliffs; Thalass Emirate/Cay Bay
Swamp Ward ; Large fort city; Thalass Emirate
Swathmire Island; Bayou Halfling thorp, sugarcane latifundia, Between Cypress Deadfall and the Perdition
Tchefuncteaux; Lawful good lizardfolk village; Eastern Dreadmire - east of the Hillmarshes
Tchou Otcha; Lizardfolk village; Southern Dreadmire, east of Scrogswamp
Terricula; Anthroach village; Southern Dreadmire - north of Scrogswamp
Thalass Emirate; Feudalist rancher nation; humans, gaul cows; Southeast of Dreadmire
Theodemere; Mud Dwarf thorp; Western Dreadmire
Tickfawn ; Large whaling town; Thalass Emirate
Toadsuck; Semi-permanent camp of Creeps; Big Frog Lake coast
Tocksgrottle; Nomenary gnome village; Ophel highlands
Topiary Grove; Seven dryads animate topiary shapes and protect the area; Center Dreadmire in the Perdition
Toppled Obelisk; Inpenetrable arcane fallen tower; Northern Dreadmire
Torshire Ruins; Inhabited by many monsters; Ophel Highlands
Tromascus; Feudalist farmer nation, relies heavily on imports; Northeast of Arable Republic (not on map)
Tsombi’s Den; Cultists worship a petrified snake; Southern Darkheart Swamp
Tyre ; Large cowtown; Thalass Emirate
Uchacahou; Lizardfolk village; Eastern Dreadmire
Umber River; ¼ mile wide river; Arable Republic
Umor Lake; 8 mile wide lake; Arable Republic
Underground Forest; Inside extinct volcano; mobile plants, dire animals, dinosaurs; Agnathan Mountains
Upshur; Winter home for Mountain Nomads; Agnathan Mountains
Urosi; Lizardfolk village; Reed platform on Big Frog lake
Vacherie; Bayou Halfling hamlet; Western Dreadmire
Wildmarshes; Freshwater marsh; Serpents, merrow/Half-Merrow Ogres; Northern Thalass Emirate
Wind Pillars (of Lost Souls); Malfunctioning gateway used to send souls to the afterlife; Center Dreadmire - in the Perdition
Wishpool ; Farming village; Arable Republic
Wouldnigh Forest; High elves, ettercaps; Ophel Righlands
Wrexham ; Farming village; Arable Republic
Youb Nav; Serpent thorp; Scrogswamp, southern DreadmireZeitgeist; Green crystal monolith forces creatures to reenact the past; Scrogswamp - southern Dreadmire

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