A Hydro-Aluminum Golem is twice the height of an average human and weighs around 1,000 pounds. Its aquiline shape, smooth features, and internal paddlewheels enable it to jet effortlessly through water. A Hydro-Aluminum Golem sometimes carries a harpoon relative to its size. Hydro-Aluminum Golems can be fashioned in any manner, including with portholes and space inside it for passengers.

Golem, Aluminum

Hydro-Aluminum Golem

Hydro-Aluminum Golem bodies are nearly invulnerable, but can be destroyed by transmute metal to wood. It is immune to all other spells, except for water spells that normally deal damage instead cure one point of damage for every three points of damage they would have inflicted.

Freedom of Movement (Su): A Hydro-Aluminum Golem can move as easily underwater as it would on land mimicking the effects of a freedom of movement spell.

Drowning Surge (Ex): If the Hydro-Aluminum Golem makes a successful grapple, it can forcefully regurgitate water into a victim’s throat. The victim must make a successful Reflex save at DC (15), or its lungs become full of water and is at risk of drowning.

Water Jet (Ex): A Hydro-Aluminum Golem can spout forth a powerful blast of water up to 30 ft. every three rounds. Victims within the blast that are closer than 10 ft. take 6d6 points of damage, unless they make a successful Reflex save (DC 15) which reduces damage by half. Targets further away must make Dexterity check or lose their balance and drop held objects and fall to the ground. The Hydro-Aluminum Golem must intake the water before it can be jetted out (once every 3 rounds of continuous refilling; requires 10 gallons of water). The watery breath also can be used to extinguish flames in a 10-ft. radius area.

An aluminum golem’s body is sculpted from 1,000 pounds of aluminum.

Assembling the body requires an arcane spellcaster and a successful Craft (armorsmithing) or Craft (weaponsmithing) check (DC 20). Completing the ritual drains 2,000 XP from the creator and requires control water, geas/quest, limited wish, and polymorph any object.

CL 16th: Craft Construct (MM Monster Skills and Feats), cloudkill, geas/quest, limited wish, polymorph any object, caster must be at least 16th level; Price 100,000 gp; Cost 80,000 gp + 5,600 XP

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