The Hill Clans are barbarian tribes of "hill runners" that reside within the highlands bordering a northwest edge of Dreadmire (Sawvale) and the southeastern foothills of the mountains (Peatmont). Although giants threaten the area, the clans have become quite adept at hiding from giants and their kin.

The Hill Clans have excellent relations with the gnomes of the Nomenary, fighting aside them in battle against giants and other monster problems as they occur. Surprisingly they do not have good relations with the Mountain Nomads, apparently due to irreconcilable cultural differences. Even with their great courage and friendship with the local gnomes, Hill Clansfolk have a great fear of caves. Hill folk have been known to die avoiding such places.

The Hill Clans of Sawvale are known for their sweet grapes that make tasty wines. This is due to the occasional ash that falls from the nearby volcanic mountains that fertilizes the soil of the local vineyards. While hill clan society is not very sophisticated, their grape production is superb.

Some gifted sentinels of the Hill Clans have extreme talents at moving through the craggy rocks and high precipices — called Hillghosts — avoiding confrontations with large, hostile creatures. In addition, these hillghosts can perform amazing feats of agility, endurance, and giant-fighting. If a muka should be lucky enough to befriend a Hill Clan, the hillghosts make excellent escorts through the mountains.

The Hill Clansfolk believe their apical ancestor is Aethelheah, a great warrior from Ouse, a land beyond the oceans. They now have no leader.

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