The Heath Rangers, as they are called locally, are a motley admixture of local races, including, but not limited to, humans, half-orcs, half-elves, gnomes, halflings, and even Lizardfolk. They are sworn enemies of Anthroaches, Caterpygmies, Cribbets, Derangers, Evile Cannibals, Serpents, and Verdurzuzu Devils.

Heath Rangers are especially adept at detecting dangerous oozes floating in water, and deadly fungi lurking in the shadows of undergrowth. They burn rare herbs to ward off stirges and carnivorous plants, and can often be found accompanied by black bear animal companions, trained for tracking and sniffing out hidden foes. Heath Rangers are expert hunters and trackers within the marshland, and useful guides for those who venture into the Thicket.

Heath Rangers have become unwitting marsh police, bringing swift justice to criminal Creeps. Tangles with these unruly drifters are becoming increasingly frequent, as recent political unrest drove masses of them through the swamps. It has become such a problem that a spokesperson for the Heath Rangers, Karu, was appointed to petition the Arable Republic for help. The result of this petition, combined with previous complaints of nearby farmers, was the Moor Knights. The Heath Rangers work in concert with these human militia groups, who generally respect their knowledge of the swamp and surrounding lands.

Authority Figure: Karu Mireborn, male half-elf Rgr10; AL CG; Diplomacy 14, Survival 16; Leadership, Track, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Favored Enemies Anthroaches, Derangers and Serpents.

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