Half-Merrow Ogre

Half-Merrow Ogres that do not drown at childbirth are treated harshly in merrow ogre society, frequently leaving for a solitary existence under floating marshes. Some of the more rational and docile of these Half-Merrow Ogres are accepted into half-orc and Alluvial Elf communities. An even rarer few of the more humanlike Half-Merrow Ogres are cooperative with isolated Marshfolk, Bushfolk and Creeps. Most Half-Merrow Ogres measure just less than 8 ft. tall.

Half-Merrow Ogres can be found hunting with schools of Half-Scrag Trolls. Typically, 1d6 Half-Merrow Ogres and 1d6 Half-Scrag Trolls are led by a classed barbarian of either race. These aquatic creatures use water to their advantage, using it as cover when attacking land-based creatures. In underwater group combat, individuals attempt to flank opponents on all sides, including above and below.

Amphibious (Ex): Merrows and Half-Merrows are osmoconformers, meaning they can breathe only one type of water, and that is freshwater. They can survive indefinitely on land, provided they have access to moisture to hydrate the entire skin surface (a bucket of freshwater poured over the head will usually suffice). Without moisture, they can survive 1 day per Constitution point. In the rare case that an air-breathing Half-Merrow is born and survives long enough to make it to dry land, it can live without moisture indefinitely.