Grow Gris

Grow Gris blowing in the wind

Grow Gris is a composite plant that produces flowers and a ball-shaped cluster of white, tufted seeds dispersed by wind into the air. The plant itself is harmless and its roots are often used by aborigines as a laxative or for strong tea. The floating cluster of seeds, once released into the air, is very dangerous to unwary humanoids. Normally, these feathery seed tufts float through the air and land on moist soil where they turn into a liquid compound and dissolve into the ground. They dissolve regardless of what they touch — a plant, rock, sword, animal, monster — anything, as long as contact last for more than 1 round. Such seed clusters are destroyed, and no harm is done.

Humanoids, however, are not so fortunate, as they are highly allergic to the liquid. Humanoids (excluding monstrous humanoids) must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or rapidly age. For each hour that passes, the creature ages a cumulative 20% of its race’s venerable age (PHB Aging Effects). At the end of 5 hours, the victim can make another Fortitude save (DC 15). If the save fails, the humanoid dies of old age. If successful, the humanoid lives one more hour and must repeat the process each hour until cured or dead. Once dead there is no chance for resurrection or raise dead, although more powerful spells work. A neutralize poison or heal applied before the humanoid dies removes the seed infestation, returning the humanoid to normal age in as many hours as the infestation was active.

Hazard, CR 2