The Grimoire of Leucopraxus

The spine of this ancient tome is covered with tufts of leaflike tendrils, and its cover is rubbery and slightly wet. The book is heavily bound with thick strands of mushroom hyphae. The tome changes its color and texture to match its surroundings, so it is sometimes difficult to see.

Touching any of the tome’s pages with bare skin is dangerous, for to do so requires the victim to make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or become infected with a spore sickness. Failure indicates death, and the resulting corpse begins to transform into a random ooze, jelly, or pudding monster. This transformation takes 4d4 rounds, and the new creature attacks the nearest being, having no memory of its former life. Creatures that successfully save must endure green hair, which can be returned to normal via a successful application of a remove curse spell cast by a 20th-level spellcaster.

Inside, the spongy gray pages contain Leucopraxus’ spells up to 9th level, including new spells such as spew spores, gelatinous slime, pudding acid, fungal corpse animator, endothermic mold, and fungi biceps. Several purple hued pages at the end contain information on every ooze and fungi monstrosity detailed in this Dreadmire, the MM, and other books. Also included are detailed descriptions of all fungi demons, the Outer Planes fortress (Sporangia) of Leucopraxus, and a treatise on the ordained religion (refer to Faiths & Deities of the Swamplands).

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