The giant eagles and giant owls that hunt in the swamp do so with great danger, but the Anthroaches are easy pickings and tasty snacks, and this is helpful to the good people of the swamp. Finding a Bayou Halfling under threat from a giant snake is a bonus, as these reptiles can make excellent meals. Their peril comes primarily from Creeps, Derangers, Dravages, Eviles, and Serpents who all believe it is great sport to bring down one of these benevolent beasts in a hail of arrows or spears. Thankfully, more often than not, such battles usually end with scattered humanoids and a slightly wounded avian.

Giant eagles rule by day, giant owls by night. None of either race has ever been corrupted by the Dark Pollen, likely due to their flying above and beyond its dispersal areas. Creeplow, the largest and most powerful Giant Owl, is detailed in the New Monsters chapter. The largest giant eagle is Fishguard, but she pales in comparison to Creeplow.

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