A Giant Luna Moth has long, curving tails on its hind wings and distinctive eyespots on all four wings. This nocturnal insect has a massive 50 ft. light-green wingspan. A Giant Luna Moth does not eat, instead it takes in sustenance from moonlight. The creature speaks Insectid.

Luna Moth, Giant

Giant Luna Moth in flight

A Giant Luna Moth evades combat at all costs, including its own life (statistics are given for its bite attack in case the beast is ever controlled into behaving against its nature). This behemoth can fly at any speed without making a sound, providing it succeeds a Move Silently skill check.

Biomimetic Exvisibility (Ex): Using microscopic, hexagonal scales, the hide and wings of a Giant Luna Moth can perfectly absorb light in such a way as to make the creature appear as an outline of inky darkness at will. Biomimetic exvisibility goes way beyond color-changing camouflage by absorbing all light that touches the moth. Since biomimetic exvisibility is neither magical nor mind-affecting, only true seeing magic, the snake vision ability and echolocation can see a creature so hidden.

Sanctuary Pheromone (Ex): A Giant Luna Moth produces a powerful protective pheromone that duplicates the effects of a sanctuary spell. The pheromone can be breathed or insinuated through the skin of any living corporeal creature. All potentially affected opponents attempting to strike a Giant Luna Moth must make the sanctuary Will save with a -10 penalty.