Fritillaries are aloof, organizing the daily lives of the Caterpygmies. Fritillaries have been known to rarely make peaceful outside contacts, but only in secret during times of trouble.

Every decade the Fritillaries of all the Caterpygmy communities swarm into the sky and engage in a mating ritual that lasts for several days. When they return, female Fritillaries lay dozens of eggs, replenishing the Caterpygmy community with a new generation. A community can contain as many as 80 adults (most are not nearly half this size) before some move off to form more communities. These communities often exist at the tops of giant trees where the Caterpygmies live in silken "tents", feeding on the foliage in groups.

Every millennium a gifted Fritillary rises to become "Monarch of the Caterpygmies". This Monarch, usually an elderly Fritillary, can cast spells in the range of 7th to 9th level. Using its great intelligence, the Monarch leads a plague of thousands of Caterpygmies, marching the kingdom to newer, fertile lands. Unfortunately for civilization, this devastates everything in-between. Few plants are left uneaten in the path of this long migration.

Leader (Prime): Farn Uel Ni Mi, female Fritillary, Clr5/Mnk10/Lor7; AL N; Knowledge (arcana) 17; Maximize Spell. Fritillaries always take the loremaster prestige class.

Leader (Second Prime): Farn Lew Ni Mu, female Fritillary, Clr3/Mnk8/Lor4; AL N; Knowledge (geography) 23, Knowledge (Nature) 21, Knowledge (religion) 14, Spot (18), Survival (20); Combat Casting, Leadership, Scribe Scroll.

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