Deity Name Alignment Sphere of Influence Domains Associated Typical Clergy
Aeternus N Infinity Time, Travel, War Any, Temporal Paladins
Baromet CN Weather Air, Destruction, Fire, Water Any and all
Daelune N Undead Animal, Necromancy, Plant Cultists, Druins, undead druids
Ealune CG Night* Healing, Necromancy Marshfolk, shamans
Easol NG Day* Healing, Sun Marshfolk, shamans
Forces* N Energy Magic, Strength Arcane Atheists, gnomes
Ichorus N Blood Death, Knowledge, Necromancy Necromancers, sentient undead
Leacon LG Waterfowl Animal, Good, Travel, Water Bayou Halflings, Marshfolk
Leucopraxus CE Fungi/Ooze Earth, Evil, Fungi/Ooze Bushfolk, Creeps
Lorelei LN Bodies of Water Law, Luck, Travel, Water Sailors, River Ferriers, islanders, aquatic elves
Lucent Dragon N Dragons Knowledge, Strength Dragons, dragon minions
Marais N Wetlands Death, Earth, Water Swamp occupants, animals, plants
Modan N Ground Earth, Travel, Trickery Dwarves, human cultists
Orchidae N Plants Air, Plant, Water Druids, Anthroaches, herbivores
Pleroma ? Godhead Unknown Unknown
Qualm CE Bugs Death, Destruction, Trickery Bushfolk, evil bugs, evil buglike creatures
Tsombi NE Animism Knowledge, Magic, Protection Bushfolk, Marshfolk, Houdoan
Verdurzuzu LE Undead Plants Death, Evil, Necromancy, Plant Tree devils, corrupted beings, Druins
Vorace LN Carnivores Animal, Law, Strength Alligataurs, Lizardfolk, lycanthropes
*An aspect of nature specifically worshipped in the swamp.