Evile, Cannibal Elf

The wild elves too have succumbed to the Dark Pollen, creating a horror that is difficult to describe without shuddering. These unseely elves, called "Eviles" or "Evile Cannibals" by the River Ferriers, are malevolent wild elves of a most horrific nature.

They are cannibals, tracking and killing both wild elves and other humanoids for food and pleasure. Completely feral and diabolically cunning, they set ambushes along bayous and accessible land trails. Evile Cannibals take the heads of their victims and shrink them for ornaments that hang around their necks on cords made of the cured bowels of their victims. The unlucky few that are taken captive are often ritually tortured and forced to perform acts of depravity and perversion for entertainment of the tribe.

A gnome philosopher once said that evil without redemption does not exist, and if this is true then the one redeeming quality these creatures have is music. Do not let the idea deceive their nature, for it is a macabre band that plays during misty, moonless nights congregated at Forass. Bongolike drums are carved from skulls and taught with elven skin are beaten with bones from their victims. Tabors and kettledrums constructed of bone accompany them, along with a jawbone harp (strings made from human guts), rattles made with halfling teeth and human sinew, and bone scrapers.

The surrounding trees can be found littered with wind chimes made from hair and swords, some of which are banged in concert with their wicked music. Eviles have even been known to animate the headless bodies of their victims to beat the drums, or command them to dance around the fire in a ghastly jig. “Evil” does not begin to describe these soulless beasts.

Evile Cannibals have the ability to rage (as the spell) an unlimited number of times per day, regardless of their class, thanks to the Dark Pollen. They are otherwise the same as standard wild elves combined with the Unseely Fey template, except they do not use the fey category. It is also noteworthy that these demented sub-elves frequently take on the Shadowdancer prestige class.

Evile cannibals love to drink fermented black tea, cultivated in gardens near their lairs.

Forass (thorp): Conventional (tribal); AL CE; 20 gp limit; Population 22; Demographic isolated (Wild Elves 100%). Forass is located along Bone Bayou.

Authority Figure: Slive Silverbow, female, unseely wild elf Bbn7/Shd5; AC 14 (+1 gnome hide armor); AL CE; Survival +10; Track, Weapon Focus (longbow).

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