This noetic religious sect of recreants is viewed not only as heretical, but downright goofy. Members who profess their beliefs are frequently rejected and chased out of town by villagers and laity from neighborhoods and towns across the countryside of the Arable Republic. These poor lost souls have settled their "church" within the only location not hostile to their cause. Nestled beneath a rocky outcrop where the Agnathan Mountains meet the Highland Marshes is a damp mew wherein the Arcane Order of Enlightened Agnoetae have their meetings. These caves are known as Secera Nasatuv (the Rooted Caves) by the Hillfolk because of the long tree roots that extend down from ceiling to floor the entire length of the cave.

What makes the dogma of this nullifidian church so unique is its claim that there is no divine magic at all, that in fact all magic is arcane in nature, and that there are no gods. As these heathens are fond of pointing out — to those who will listen — divine spells are "actually sorcery", the appearance of a god is "nothing more than an illusion", a blessing is obviously "a placebo effect", and on and on. It is their belief that all priests are either lying, or sorcerers fooling themselves. It is doubtful any proof could ever be obtained that would be good enough to dissuade them (ironically, such is the power of faith). People outside this organization underestimate the human ability to be blind to what is directly in front of their eyes.

Not many people are ready to give up their paradigm for one of sophistry, especially when the power of gods is so obvious to them. The organization tends to draw apostate priests or ex-religious followers that believe they were forsaken by their previous faiths. Also on hand are a few wizards, sorcerers, and bards, some of who are solipsist philosophers, conspiracy theorists, societal outcasts, or mentally deficient individuals. Members of this faith frequently start polemic attempts to proselytize by witnessing a personal story of trauma, professing, "What god of goodness could have let those terrible things happen?"

Arcane Atheists have been known to be of the Eldritch Cleric class.

Symbol: While the atheists have no holy symbol per se, they often carry girandole mirrors. These convex circular hand mirrors are framed in deep gilt molding and trimmed with gilt balls. The mirrors are used to show potential converts who the real gods are — themselves.

Favored Weapon: Crossbow.

Authority Figure: Lucretius Kenner, female human Sor7; AL NG.

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