Although quite evil and corrupted by the Dark Pollen, not all Dravages are Druins. The rest of the Dravages are still, in effect, druids. These diabolical and nefarious druids have not lost their love of nature, but they have profoundly altered their paradigm on how to go about protecting it.

These Dravages today would more properly be called "eco-terrorists", and have been known to destroy crops, burn buildings, steal livestock, send undead animals to attack hunters, release dangerous beasts into villages, poison watering holes, spread pestilence, and otherwise harass swamp villages and their residents. The Bayou Halfling community blames Dravages for everything from drowning children to broken farm implements, as a Dravage is now the default halfling boogeyman.

Dravages are rare these days, thanks to the Weregators who have severely reduced their numbers by systematically hunting them. Recognizing this threat, some Dravages in turn actively hunt Weregators for spell components and their magical hides.

Authority Figure: Croker Honeymed, male Drd13; AL NE; Survival 8; Leadership, Track, Weapon Focus (staff); Animal companion dire alligator (Huge aquatic animal, HD 7d8+28, Spd 20 ft., swim 30 ft.; AC 16; Bite +11 melee (Dmg 2d8+12) or tail slap +11 melee (Dmg 1d12+12); Improved Grab)