Darkhoppers in discussion.

Darkhoppers are a race of intelligent black grasshoppers created by the Dark Pollen. These creatures were fortunate, in that their random corruption was not detrimental.

Despite their size and race, Darkhoppers have developed a complex society. They have leadership councils, art festivals, social problems, public games, standing armies, museums, courts, and other civilized activities. Darkhoppers are a highly religious race and typically become clerics. There are a few sorcerers among them, as well as good aligned assassins.

Combat Edit

Darkhoppers are inky black, and they use this camouflage to their advantage in the shadows of the swamp. They play their madsong from the shadows, springing to attack with a thorn dagger only if cornered. Thorn daggers are always coated in a sleep juice (Fortitude, DC 15, sleep 2d4 rounds) extracted from berries.

Insect Size (Sp): Once per day a Darkhopper can shrink a creature as if it had cast the spell insect size. The new size lasts 24 hours unless the Darkhopper negates it.

Madsong (Su): The song of Darkhoppers is a mind-affecting sonic attack. A single Darkhopper uses its legs to chirp out a tune that can drive all creatures that hear it insane. Sentient beings within a 30-ft. radius must make a successful Will save (DC 10) or become inflicted with madness. For each Darkhopper playing in the same area of effect, the DC to save becomes more difficult (+1 each). A congregation of rampaging Darkhoppers leaves a trail of insane creatures in its path (DC 20 or more). Mad creatures sit down and babble incoherently for 1 hour for each Darkhopper that was playing. Once a creature recovers, its Wisdom is damaged and reduced to 1. Thereafter, within every 24 hour period, the affected creature babbles continuously for 6d10 rounds at a random time. If Wisdom is returned to normal, all madsong effects disappear.

Dung Beetle Vision (Ex): When moonlight or sunlight strikes the atmosphere, the rays scatter into planes that point in different directions. Using this grid of polarized light, a Darkhopper can orient itself on the ground in much the same way a sextant orients sailors. If the moon or sun is significantly obscured, even by "mostly cloudy" skies, this ability is useless.

Spring (Ex): A Darkhopper can use its powerful legs to spring up to 25 ft. in any direction, without fail or error, providing winds are minimal. Winds higher than 25 mph cause the Darkhopper to land in a random location (roll 1d12 for direction as clock numbers). A Darkhopper cannot make an attack the same round it springs unless it possesses a feat that allows it.