Cypress Deadfall is an area of Dreadmire so named because of the catastrophic deadfall of trees caused by Tichiba as detailed in the Dreadmire History.

The ground of this swamp area consists of soft, bottomless, quicksandlike swamp mud, and no vegetation grows on it. Fungus runs rampant in the darkened corners, much of it monstrous and deadly. Lichens and mosses are common, covering many surfaces in a slick and unsafe carpet that makes climbing and walking hazardous. Sharp splinters of cracked wood and pointed branches of long dead trees stick out at odd and dangerous angles. Mischievous and unseely fey roam the shadows. It is not a hospitable place. Slimes, oozes, monstrous cockroaches, and giant frogs congregate in great numbers, due in large part to the cult of Leucopraxus. Creeplow, the Giant Talking Owl lives here in a fortified titanic tree. See his description for more.

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