The Cribbets (a name that means "of Cribb") were a noble race of amphibious wizards until corrupted by the Dark Pollen. Now the peaceful toad folk no longer exist, at least not locally. The lawful evil Cribbets are hostile if provoked, but otherwise they are content to keep mayhem within their own immediate area.

Cribbet society is barbarian in structure, with the strongest Cribbet assuming power as toad king. Tribal clerics promote the worship of amphibious totem animals, but there is a growing movement toward fiend worship. Oddly, Cribbbets maintain a tenuous trade relationship with the wild elves, and loathe Evile Cannibals. They congregate in the community of Cribb, near Big Frog Lake, but they hunt throughout Dreadmire.

Authority Figure: Ieyoub, male Clr7; AL LE; Brew Potion. Cribbet clerics keep Foul Frogs as unholy familiars.

Cribb (hamlet): Conventional (tribal); AL CE; 900 gp limit; Population 477; Demographic isolated (Cribbets 99%, mixed slaves 1%).

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