The Creeps are a ragtag, highly dispersed group of gypsies infesting Dreadmire and surrounding marshes. Creeps consist of outlaws, cutthroats, bandits, crazies and miscellaneous refugees of various wars.

Refugees, the more honest segment of the transient Creep masses, generally live by hunting, fishing or working on Marshfolk rice farms. Creeps sleep in spartan conditions, their "homes" being lean-to shacks of driftwood, reeds and twigs. Creeps are policed by Moor Knights and frequently made to tear down their ramshackle "shack towns" and move on. They are often forced to live a gypsy lifestyle. Given that many crimes can be traced back to Creep camps, this action is not altogether unjustified.

The largest, semi-permanent camp of Creeps is Toadsuck, a rag-tag village of scum-turned-bushfolk found between Big Frog Lake and Dreadmire Swamp. When the lake is high and the water level falls it leaves many sucks on the flat shore separated from the lake. For every spring that the locals can remember, these sucks form just as toads overrun the podunk village.

On the other end of the spectrum are the indigent Creep gangs, including an especially notorious group, the Flightmares. These Creeps are corrupted by the Dark Pollen, and have gained an overland flight ability (as the spell) that can be used at will. They quickly strike and flee before help can arrive, especially avoiding the Moor Knights. The Moor Knights are known for branding Creeps with their [[[shields of justice]], so ducking them is a priority for all bad Creeps.

Typical Creep: Com2 or War2; AC 10; AL any; Atk primitive club (1d6-1), unarmed strike (1d3 subdual); Str 10, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 5; Craft 3, Hide 3, Survival 3, Swim 3, Use Rope 3.

Typical Shack Town: Toadsuck (thorp); Conventional (Monstrous); AL CN; 20 gp limit; Population 30; Demographic integrated (human 50%, half-orc 36%, halfling 14%). Residents of Toadsuck are often called Pond Scum, obviously meant as a derisive term, but the villagers have adopted the name and don’t mind it at all.

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