Brack Dragon

Brack Dragons, more properly called "Brackish Dragons", have a colorful, mothlike appearance to them, but they are in fact fey dragons. Their bug association stems from an affinity for nature, protecting delicate estuaries, marshes and swamps from defilement and abuse. Those creatures that respect the swamp are welcome to approach and speak with Brack Dragons, presuming they can be seen.

Brack Dragons hate undead and aberrations, and either destroy them on sight or organize attacks against them. Brack dragons revere the estuaries above all, attempting to "become one" with its marshes and swamps. They are symbiotic with the multitudinous bugs that live there, and take pleasure in listening to their "song" in the evenings. Brack Dragons associate with Darkhoppers, dryads, grigs and pixies on a regular basis.

A Brack Dragon can breathe underwater in brackish water indefinitely, and can freely use its breath weapon, spells, and other abilities while submerged. It cannot breathe freshwater or saltwater for more than 1 hour per Constitution point without drowning (DMG Suffocation).

Combat Edit

Biomimetic Invisibility (Ex): Using microscopic, semi-transparent scales, the hide and wings of a Brack Dragon can perfectly refract light in such a way as to make the creature effectively invisible at will. Biomimetic invisibility goes way beyond color-changing camouflage, bending light around the creature from the opposite side. Since biomimetic invisibility is neither magical nor mind-affecting, only true seeing magic, Snake Vision and echolocation can see a creature so hidden.

Breath Weapon (Ex): A Brack Dragon can breathe a 10 ft. cone of bugs equivalent in statistics to a locust swarm (MM). The bugs can generally be of any type that moderately matches locust swarm stats, including its preferred moth and waterbug swarms [aquatic bugs must swap the locust fly speed for “swim 30 ft. (poor)”]. The dragon can use its speak with animals ability to communicate with breathed swarms.

Charm Bugs (Sp): This ability can be used at will, functioning as a mass charm spell that affects only bug animals (all arthropods, including arachnids and crustaceans). The dragon can use its speak with animals ability to communicate with charmed insects. This ability is equivalent to a 1st-level spell.

Mimic Biophony (Ex): The dragon can expertly mimic any creature or animal sound it has heard, including several differing groups of animal sounds at the same time. Listeners must succeed a Will save (DC 30) to detect it as fake.

Spells: As druid class.