Shunned as they are from their exogamous orc relatives and most civilized nations, many bemonstered half-orcs seek a life less crowded. One of the few careers open to a half-orc is the isolated Bayou Punter.

A Bayou Punter is a resourceful guide through the swamp, using a punting pole to move a bateau boat and its cargo through the tangled swamp with ease. Punters have detailed knowledge of wetlands — the safest waterways and darkest monsters. These peccant souls are hardened hunters, stout warriors, and seasoned residents of the swamp.

Half-orcs are sterile, as are most half-humans. The villages of the half-orc punters are reliant on persistent emigration to keep their numbers at a defendable level. The overriding philosophy of the close-knit community of Amandla is harmony with all peaceful races. The village of Dullbone espouses hostility against humans, embracing their orc heritage with fervor. At the opposite pole, the village of Oarnin embraces a humanocentric outlook, preferring to destroy pureblood orcs on sight.

While the villages do not engage in organized hostilities against one another, tensions are often high. It is not uncommon for fights to break out even among residents within the same community. Despite their vile origins, the Bayou Punter communities are known for their beautiful poetry. Such is the dual nature of half-orcs.

Authority Figure: Dresgut Pathos, female half-orc Mrg18 (Muckranger); AL CG; Feats: Swim 14, Survival 18; Ambidexterity, Endurance, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Toughness, Track, Two-Weapon Fighting; Favored Enemies: Anthroaches, Evile Cannibal elves.