Arseneaux Hammertow is a plump but muscular albino Bayou Halfling with thick white sideburns. He retains his albino appearance in alligator form, which makes him easy to spot as a "white gator". He is frequently dressed in garments made from hand-worked giant toad hide. He makes a living as a shipwright artisan, and is the captain of a bayou trading vessel that he constructed.

Arseneaux contracted Weregator lycanthropy in his early thirties. The unfortunate happenstance was a hindrance at first, but as he gained control of his lycanthropy it turned out to be quite useful. As a Weregator, Arseneaux achieved nearly unfettered access to the deep parts of the swamp and increased his knowledge of the water — an excellent insight for a shipwright.

Arseneaux, like most Bayou Halflings, can speak and understand a halfling hunting language based on the sounds of swamp animals (buzzes, growls, chirps, whistles, hoots, howls, rattles, etc). This communication method is not secret, but it is difficult for muka to learn its nuances.

Equipment: Sling stick & 23 flint discs (new weapon), blowstick & 9 poison needles (new weapon), pouch containing 37 cp.