The Arachane community does not interfere with mammal affairs and therefore typically limits its contact to Anthroaches and Caterpygmies (as food). As corrupted creatures encroach more frequently on the lairs of Arachane, this may soon change. Already a few of the more pressed Arachane have contacted the nearby Mud Dwarves for assistance.

Arachane are fascinated with scrimshaws and cowries, using them for barter and decoration. Their lairs are identified by large collections of a wide variety of shells and scrimshawed work within. These arachnids have been known to gift their favored humanoids with spider silk armor. These non-magical armors are highly prized for their light weight (equivalent to leather) and hard protection (AC +8).

It should be noted that the Mud Dwarves call the Arachane, Father Longlegs, Mother Longlegs, Son Longlegs, “Daughter Longlegs, and Baby Longlegs accordingly. The Arachane call Dreadmire Nuatha.

Authority Figure: Isnoin of Nuatha, male Arachane Wiz17/Lor10; AL LG; Knowledge (arcana) 18, Knowledge (local) 19; Brew Potion, Maximize Spell, Quicken Spell, Silent Spell. Arachane almost without fail take on the loremaster prestige class, although it is known a (presumably) demented Arachane once became an assassin for an evil wizard.

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