These vile creatures primarily roam the deep Backswamp where they scavenge on carrion, plants, fungi, oozes, and even roots in underground ruins. Anthroaches thrive in areas of filth and decay, striving to hasten natural decomposition. These disgusting insectoids pollute wherever they roam with the stench of despair, disgusting their foes and driving all from their habitat.

Anthroaches have six legs, but can switch between walking upright on their two hind legs and walking on all six legs. When moving on all six legs, then may sprint. Even during a sprint an Anthroach can turn instantly in any direction, at any speed, using its six legs for perfectly synchronized weight distrubution.

Anthroaches migrated across the mountains and are not creations of the Dark Pollen. In an Anthroach tribe, the first birth over 128 causes a colony to leave and start a new tribe elsewhere. Anthroach language is a dialect of Insectid based on hums and clicks of varying pitches.

Combat Edit

Anthroaches attack from elevated positions, seeking to overwhelm and outflank their opponents by flying into melee. They have little regard for personal safety, placing the best interests of their tribe ahead of their own. During combat, Anthroaches produce an unnerving gutteral, hising noise in an attempt to demoralize opponents.

Anthroaches use primitive weapons made from the exoskeletons of their dead tribal members, such as leg/claw for a spear, a thorax used as a shield, and tibia/hook combination as an axe. They hollow out their own insect heads to serve as helms, but they seldom wear other armor. Some radical druids and desperate marshfolk have been known to use Anthroach armor.

An Anthroach exudes seducin onto any weapon that strikes it. The smell of this pheromone can linger on a weapon for months. In this way, an Anthroach can detect if a creature has harmed one of their kind. The smell can be neutralized by applying tomato juice.

Abilities  Edit

Body Compression (Ex): An Anthroach can flatten its body to 1/8 its normal thickness, allowing it to hide in cracks, or thin spaces under objects.

Adhesive Climb (Ex): Adhesive pads on the feet, along with millions of tiny hooks and static electricity, allow Anthroaches to crawl on ceilings and vertical surfaces -- even surfaces as smooth as glass -- as if under the influence of a spider climb spell.

Multi-Dextrous Spring (Ex): This unbelivably fast creature can sprint ten times its normal speed, changing directionany number of times, using its six feet for perfectly synchronized weight distribution. The spring is a fear response, used to flee, and cannot normally be used to attack.

Light Blindness (Ex): Anthrohaces are nocturnal, instinctively employing their Multi-Dextrous sprint ability to evade bright light. Abrupt exposure to bright light, such as natural sunlight, a bonfire, or a daylight spell,  blinds an Anthroach for 1 round. On subsequent rounds, it is dazzled (Condition Summary DMG) as long as it remains in the affected area. Anthroaches are intelligent enough to target light sources to douse or quell them.