Braethwaite is one large Alligataur community of 1,200 members inside the Backswamp. Behavior of these creatures is much similar as one would expect from horse-bodied centaurs: cautious and serious, tribal in organization, shunning civilization. The Gataurs otherwise exist through fishing and hunting, as well as trading with marshland humanoids. Their lairs are surrounded by traps and purposely cultivated dangerous plants, including the Giant Flytrap, Bladderwort, Pitcher Plant and Butterwort.

Gataurs are peaceful with the Bayou Halflings, trading with them for watermelon wine, cane jelly, spicy foods and dried pipevine for smoking. Alligataurs detest Anthroaches, but because the Anthroaches and the Gataurs hunt the same territory, a lengthy treaty exists between the two factions. A decade ago the Fritillary declared the Gataurs enemies of the Caterpygmy, and so a long standing enmity exists among their leaders. Arachane have a strained relationship with these monstrous humanoids, believing them to be an abomination. Lizardfolk treat Alligataurs with awe and respect, perceiving them as sacred creatures. Lizardfolk serve the Gataurs as willing slaves, believing they gain favor for their afterlife.

Authority Figure: King Zoroaster, male Tat8/Ltw5; AL CN; Survival +21; Leadership, Track, Weapon Focus (oaken greatclub); Animal companion giant alligator (use giant crocodile stats).

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