Alligataurs, or Gataurs as they are sometimes called, are marshland creatures possessing the lower body of an alligator and the upper torso and arms of a well muscled humanoid. The skin of the humanoid parts have a green tinge, giving rise to other names for hte creatures, such as the "scale skins" or "greenbloods".

There is one large Alligataur colony in Dreadmire and a score of smaller family units scattered throughout the Backswamp. Behavior of these creatures is much similar as one would expect from the horse-bodied centaurs - cautious and serious, tribal in organization, shunning most humans. The Gataurs otherwise exists through fishing and hunting, as well as trading with select marshland humanoids. Their lairs are surrounded by traps and purposely cultivated flesh-hungry plants.

Gataurs are generally 11 feet long in their lower body and can reach up to 4 feet in hight for the upper torso. A Gataur can flatten its upper torse in line with its body. This not only makes it move faster in water, but also gives it added length of its humanoid body section, which can affect its reach during combat.

Combat Edit

Although not generally evil, Alligataurs are easy to anger and often provoke fights. They are typically armed with barbed spears or greatclubs to enforce their will. Gataurs favor massive clubs in combat. If no club is available, Alligataurs use their bite and Improved Grab abilities to defeat opponents. Ambush is their preferred fighting strategy.

Abilities Edit

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, an Alligataur must hit an opponent of the Gataur's size or smaller, with its bite attack. If it gets a hold, the Gataur grabs the opponent and drags it into deep water, attempting to pin it to the bottom. An Alligator automatically deals bite damage each round it maintains the pin.

Adhesive Climb (Ex): Adhesive pads on the feet, along with millions of tiny hooks and static electricity, allow Anthroaches to crawl on ceilings and vertical surfaces -- even surfaces as smooth as glass -- as if under the influence of a spider climb spell.

Anti-Coagulant Saliva (Ex): The saliva of an Alligataur causes wounds to remain bleeding for 1 hour unless magical healing is applied. Damage caused by the coninued bleeding is 1 hit point per minute. The bleeding can be stopped with the successful application of the Heal skill, or any magical curing spells.

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